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Focusing on the root cause of symptoms

We work to improve your quality of life with upper cervical chiropractic care

Dr. Dutson’s mission is to provide an exceptional upper cervical focused experience to set the stage for the brain and nervous system’s innate ability to function properly, heal and maintain health.

Headaches & Migraines
The crushing pain of a headache or the pulsing throb of a migraine can steal hours or days from your life, keeping you away from family & work. Fortunately, lasting relief is possible.
Learn how Upper Cervical Care can help with Headaches and Migraines.
Neck Pain, Low Back Pain & Sciatica
Does your neck, back, or leg ache relentlessly? Does it sometimes flare into a sharp, incapacitating pain?
Learn how Upper Cervical Care can help relieve Neck, Back & Sciatica.
Dizziness, Vertigo & BPPV
Poor balance, dizziness, and vertigo can prevent you from performing basic daily functions. For normal balance and body positioning, your eyes, ears and upper neck must all be in sync.
Learn how Upper Cervical Care can help relieve Dizziness, Vertigo & BPPV
Post-Concussion Syndrome
Concussion symptoms usually last 7 to 10 days. But if they persist, you may be dealing with more than a head and brain injury. Concussion-related neck injury or misalignment could be the root cause.
Learn how Upper Cervical Care can help with Post-Concussion Syndrome.
Facial Pain & TMJ
When facial pain flares, everything in your life stops until the agony passes. Excruciating conditions like these may be relieved by upper cervical care.
Learn how Upper Cervical Care can help relieve Facial Pain & TMJ.
Chronic Pain & Fatigue
If you suffer from one of these neurological conditions, your constant pain & fatigue can overshadow or even ruin your favorite activities.
Learn how Upper Cervical Care can help relieve Chronic Pain & Fatigue.

Restorative, gentle treatment to be your healthiest self

Committed to excellence

Why our clients love us

Our Mission & Guiding Principles

We exist to ensure every patient is able to live life to the fullest with a fully functioning nervous system. We work tirelessly to eliminate roadblocks in the nervous system that lead to chronic conditions and suffering. Our goal is to create an environment where our patients are able to THRIVE.

A New Perspective on Health

Your nervous system controls every system, organ & cell in your body. It’s directly involved in coordinating health and healing. When the brain & body communicate well you’re able to live life to the fullest.

Lasting Results

Our purpose is to help your body optimize its maximum health potential. We will only make a spinal correction when it’s objectively indicated & our goal is get you back out living life to the fullest.

Gentle & Precise Upper Cervical Care

With upper cervical chiropractic care there isn’t any popping, cracking or twisting of the neck. We use a very gentle, & specific, laser guided instrument to realign the key area of the spine.

Advanced Imaging

We have Cone Beam CT imaging to precisely document any spinal misalignment. We also utilize computerized, infrared thermography which can highlight stress on the nervous system. MRI is available outside the office if needed.

Healthcare Team

Sometimes it requires several healthcare providers working together as a team to get the best results. We welcome collaboration with your other doctors and therapists.

Why choose us for your care?

Experienced and Qualified

Over 30 years in practice serving patients just like YOU

Results Focused Care

Treatment tailored to YOUR specific needs

Putting the CARE back in HealthCARE

Taking the time to really LISTEN

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    Straight from our satisfied clients

    Absolutely effective care for my problem. Communication is clear and thorough and price is affordable. So grateful I found you, Thank you!
    Shirley H.
    After less than two months, my headaches are gone! And an unexpected bonus, my hips are now aligned, I can walk with no hip pain!
    Elizabeth P.
    Thrive has changed my quality of life! They are all about giving your neck a permanent fix and not just a quick adjustment.
    Marilyn B.
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